A home is never fully complete without the kitchen and to complete the kitchen, you need kitchen appliances.

We at Apnidukaan, understand the importance of kitchen appliances. That is why we provide the best of the best appliances with the right market experience.

We at Apnidukaan offer various kitchen appliances such as chimneys, hobs, mixer grinders, and many more from exclusive and trustworthy brands.

Kitchen Appliances are the core part of any kitchen. As, with the help of these appliances, such as chimneys, dishwashers, hobs, it becomes easier for everyone to do the respective tasks.

When it comes to choosing the right brand for the kitchen appliances, most of the time, people love to buy every product from one specific brand due to the brand's value.

So in this blog, we will talk about the topmost Brand's kitchen appliances that you can choose for your home.


Elica Auto Clean Chimney is one of the best examples of how technology has upgraded in an extraordinary way. As it consists motion sensor which starts the operation just by the wave of your hand.

It also offers a heat auto-cleaning technology that cleans out the sticky oil particles that get stuck in the chimney due to the airflow and then stores the collected oil particles in the oil collector.

The suction capacity for Elica Auto Clean Chimney is higher in comparison to other Elica Chimneys which is 1100 m3/hr which also covers an area of more than 200sqft.

It is easy to install as it’s a wall-mounted chimney with a size of 60cm which can handle more than 2-4 burners.

Elica Chimney with a Heat Auto Cleaning Technology - Home Appliances
Elica Chimney with a Heat Auto Cleaning Technology


Dishwashers are high in demand as everyone is tired of doing their dishes with their bare hands.

Bosch's Dishwashers are the most used and in-demand dishwashers as they allow the integration between Google and Alexa.

With your voice, while sitting on your couch, you can do the dishes. Although you will have to get up to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

With glass protection technology and eco silence drive, the Bosch's dishwasher works smoothly and silently.

Bosch Serie | 6 free-standing dishwasher 60 cm White SMS6ITW00I


Whirlpool hob elite hybrid HD 703 Brass comes with the Intelli cook brass burner hobs that offer high-efficiency multi-control flame levels.

It comes with 3 burners. It also enhances the look of your kitchen. Equipped with 6th sense technology.

It is very useful for a longer duration for cooking.

It also has a PVD Coated heat Resistance Knobs and the Pan support material is cast Iron while the warranty of this product is 10 years.

The body material is made of durable toughened glass.it enhances the cooking experience of the buyer.

It provides you with strong durability and perfect usage.


4. Bajaj Mixer Grinder - Kitchen Appliances

Bajaj Bravo DLX 3 jar 500 –W Grinder comes with 3 stainless steel jars that cater to specific grinding needs.

If you are thinking of buying a mixer that will last long in your kitchen, then the Bajaj bravo mixer is one of the best options.

It also consists of three different containers to use which helps in preparing both dry and wet ground food items like Khada masala powder and Chutney.

A dry jar can be used to grind and mix different kinds of solid-like semi-solid food items. This mixer is also very handy while using.

5. Glen Built In Oven

This built-in oven is a multi-functional oven with a total of 9 functions to process while cooking.

The built-In oven is among the often used kitchen appliances in India and even outside India. Baking any food or heating it, makes it easier while using the oven to do so.

While using this oven, you can defrost your food, you can do radiant grilling or convectional cooking, and more.

It has a three-layer glass window that is transparent so while your food gets prepared you can keep an eye on it.

It has a touch control panel and has a capacity of 65 liters.

Glen Built-In-Oven 661 Touch MR+Turbo