Futura Hard Anodised Induction Base Pressure Cooker 3 Litre : IFP 30

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  • Size : 3 Litre
  • Product Weight:  2.92 kg 
  • Product Guarantee: 5 Years
  • Diameter Of Base:   151 mm
  • Thickness Of Base:  6.35 mm 
  • This Cooker is Induction Compatible.
  • Recommended Cooking For 3-4 Family Persons.
  • Hard anodized Aluminium body with stainless steel lid heats fast and evenly.
  • This Pressure Cooker absorbs heat faster making it more energy-efficient. 
  • The double-thick base stays flat, heats evenly and is ideal for light frying before pressure cooking.

Futura Pressure Cooker

The Futura Pressure Cooker has a beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 micron thick hard anodising which will not tarnish, pit or corrode. The hard anodised finish stays looking new for years and allows the pressure cooker to absorb heat faster making it more energy-efficient. The base of the Futura is 6.35 mm thick.

Average 46% faster than Microwave Oven. It’s a beautiful combination of Form and Function. The Beautiful and durable black finish is made of 60 microns thick hard anodizing.

Futura Pressure cooker with a unique pressure regulating system which gives the convenience of finger-tip pressure release and prevents clogging of the steam vent. The Base is double thick and stays flat, it evenly distributes the heat. Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops.

Package Contents :

Parts Of Pressure Cooker :

Benefits of Futura Pressure Cooking :

Futura pressure cooking can reduce normal cooking times by as much as half. Economical foods such as legumes (lentils, dried peas and beans) and tough cuts of meat can be cooked to perfection in a fraction of the normal time. Because food cooks faster in a pressure cooker, you save fuel, and therefore money.

Scientific literature indicates that certain nutritive elements such as proteins and vitamins are better retained by pressure cooking. Steaming is ideal for low-calorie, low-fat cooking. The higher temperature while pressure cooking gives more hygienic food. Closed cooking in steam under pressure may better evoke the natural flavours of the food – producing delicious results.
A wide range of foods, whether parts of recipes or entire meals, can be cooked in your Futura.

Advantages of Futura : 

Safe  Stay-cool Handles :

  • Pressure-locked Safety Lid. When there is pressure inside the cooker, the lid is pressure-locked like a modern jetliner door.
  • It cannot be opened until the pressure has fallen to a safe level.
  • Automatic Safety Valve is positioned such that, if it operates, the steam and food are deflected safely downwards.
  • Unique Pressure Regulation
  • The pressure regulating system gives you the convenience of
    direction-controlled, fingertip pressure release and minimizes clogging of the steam vent.
  • Two Maximum Food Level Lines are marked inside the cooker body for convenience when filling and for safety to avoid overfilling.

Trouble-Free :

  • Longer Lasting Sealing Ring. As the lid fits from inside, the sealing ring does not get rubbed sideways every time the pressure
    cooker is opened or closed. Also, the sealing ring is not exposed to food acids in the pressure cooker due to the protection given to it by the rim of the lid.
  • Extra-thick Base
  • The base stays flat and heats quickly and evenly. It is ideal for light frying before pressure cooking and for quick and economical cooking on electric, gas, ceramic and halogen stoves.  
  • Rust Proof Components. The Futura Pressure Cooker has stainless steel handle bar and handle brackets to withstand rust.

Getting to Know Your Futura :

The cooker body comes fitted with a body handle screwed on to a body handle bracket attached to the cooker body. There is a short body handle (except for 2 Liter and 3 Liter models) attached to the cooker body, which helps carry the cooker when it is loaded.

The lid comes assembled with the detachable pressure regulator and sealing ring. The pressure regulator automatically maintains the cooking pressure of about 15 pounds per square inch/psi (1 kg per square cm) and can be used for pressure release by fingertip control.

The stated volume of all pressure cookers is that of the cooker body. Cooking capacity in a pressure cooker is less than its full volume. The pressure cooker body should never be filled more than two-thirds its capacity. This is to safeguard against blocking the steam vent and to leave enough space to allow steam to circulate.

The rubber sealing ring, which comes fitted on the lid, can be removed from the lid curl with the fingers. The sealing ring can be easily fitted by first putting the lid handle through the sealing ring and patting and pushing it down all along the lid curl until it is seated properly. The sealing ring works best if the side with the words ‘’OTHER SIDE UP’’ faces down.

To place the pressure regulator on to the steam vent if the lid is hot: hold the narrow part of the pressure regulator between thumb and middle finger; place on steam vent; press pressure regulator until it fits into position with a click.

The attachment of the metal handle to the lid is designed with extra space for deliberate ‘’play’’ (movement) between the metal handle and the lid to ensure proper sealing.

On the underside of the lid, the steam vent nut secures the steam vent. The steam vent nut has thirteen holes so that even if a few holes are clogged, the other holes will allow the escape of steam. Always keep the steam vent clean and check before every use by looking through it.

A grid comes with every Futura. The use of the grid is explained on page 25.

The lid handle screws secure the lid plastic handle to the metal handle. The outside screw also holds the latch at the end of the handle.

Grid :

  • Use the grid to steam food above the water when you so desire it (rather than immersed in liquid with flavours blending).
  • Use the grid when steaming foods in molds or other containers.
  • Use the grid to separate layers of food and to stack custard cups (not provided), always ensuring that the cooker is no more than
    two-thirds full.

Care and Cleaning :

Body and Lid :

  • Remove label, wash, rinse and dry cooker before use (do not wash in a dishwasher).
  • Remove any adhesive with vegetable oil.
  • Do not hit or knock the rim of the cooker body with a ladle, spoon or any other object and protect the edge of the lid from dents
    which may disturb sealing.

Do not leave food or water in the cooker for more than 8 hours. Do not leave the cooker lying in water or with dirty dishes for long.
Chemicals and natural salts in the water and decomposing food can cause pitting of the metal.

Do not leave salted liquid, vinegar, lemon juice, mayonnaise or mustard in the cooker. Never add salt to the cooker when there is no liquid in the cooker. First add the liquid, warm it, then add the salt and stir until the salt is completely dissolved.

Futura Pressure Cooker Operating Instruction : 

How To Close The Futura Cooker :

How to Open the Futura :


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Brand Hawkins
Material Type Hard Anodised
Capacity 3 L
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