Small Home appliances is a need every kitchen. Because not every time in our kitchen using a big kitchen gadget. Now days many people are living in a small apartment and that’s why this people prefers tiny kitchen appliances who’s playing a very important role in our kitchen. In this Top 5 small home appliances article we are give a list of all small kitchen appliances.

PIGEON NON-STICK TADKA PAN | Top 5 Small Home Appliance -

Wonder-chef Tadka Pan (Seasoning Pan) is an essential kitchen tool especially for Indian kitchens where food preparation includes tempering the dishes. Indian dals and curries need an additional Tadka to make the dish perfect! Temper your dals, kadhis, dhoklas and sabsis with Wonder-chef Tadka Pan!

Expertly designed with a thick body made from the finest aluminium material and featuring a spiral bottom, the Non-Stick Tadka Pan from the house of Pigeon delivers superior, even heat distribution.

This non-stick pan is finished with three layered Stonehenge coating for excellent performance while cooking. For easy and safe handling, this 110 mm pan is secured by strong, sturdy, stay-cool Bakelite handles. The Pigeon Non Stick Tadka Pan 110 mm is ideal for seasoning or frying whole or ground spices in hot oil which can be later added to the main dish.

This pan extracts and retains the essence and flavor of these spices.


These Basket come with a secure lid for protecting your articles from dust and have handle feature which makes it convenient to hold. These basket are comes with a secure lid for protecting your articles from dust and has handle feature which makes it convenient to hold. Top 5 small kitchen appliances is playing a very important role in your kitchen.

Premium quality plastic material makes them very lightweight and appealing.

These basket is multi-utility basket. store anything and everything as like fruits vegetables, pantry items. toiletries, beauty products, makeup-kit for women , school supplies, mail, magazines, crafts and office supplies and much more items.

The plastic of this material is premium quality and make them very tight weight and appealing.

And it can be used as an under – bed/desk/shelf/organizer or even stacked which further makes it a super space saver.


This tray set is designed in a special way to enhance your dining table. The body of the tray set is well is made from 100% virgin plastic material.

It is very strong and durable. ideal for daily use and is great for house warming, wedding, or shower gifts for birthday or can be also use in office.

Tray is hand washable. complete your party decor with party essentials plates, cutlery , shot glasses, plastic drink ware and more. Ideal for catering, food service, picnics, wedding, buffets, family reunions and everyday use.


Clean, classic styling and a versatile rectangular shape serving tray an elegant addition to any party table. Strong and durable plastic tray has raised sides to keep appetizers, sandwiches, pastries safe while serving.

 Every House there is need of dustbin, because this is so important. And this product is consider into small kitchen gadget. Ratan keep clean small dustbin is one of the good option and amount also not big.

This dustbin is easy to operate pedal bin with foot, plastic handle to easy movement, full lid cover to maintain cleanliness and hygiene And you will be use this anywhere like hospital, house office and majority all sectors.


Easy to open And Lock ergonomic friendly and sturdy clip. Rust proof and Hygienic. Made from food grade stainless steel. Durable and resistant to corrosion.

This stainless steel masala dabba is easy to clean, and bowl also light weight. And the product is made in india .

Package contain 1 masala dabba with 7 Bowls And One Utility Spoon.

This Multi Masala Dabba is rust Proof and hygienic and sturdy clip. Keep food fresh. Keep All your masala at one place.

Its round shape adds to its looks and see through lid adds to its convinced. Light weight consists of seven separate removable stainless steel bowls and small utility spoon making it highly durable and resistant to corrosion, And easy to clean.

Apex manual hand juicer is easy to use.

Conclusion –  

Top 5 Small Kitchen Appliances save time, they can help you save money as well. Before you commit to purchasing small kitchen appliances, it’s important to consider the amount of counter top space or storage space you can give over to your new appliance. 

If you love to cook but don’t have a lot of extra counter space to work with, you may want to consider adding small cooking appliances to your home.and some cool kitchen appliances also useful for you in your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Small Appliances 

Small kitchen electronics make it easy to prepare a wide range of food and drinks. Consider these essential kitchen counter-top appliances.