Whether you believe it or not, But people, while at home, spend most of their time in the hall or in the kitchen. So to keep the environment healthy, Apnidukaan offers the best elica chimneys which are also the prime example of how a chimney should function.

As the kitchen is the center of attraction for any food made in the house, the flavor and the taste of the food bring everyone together. Elica chimneys make sure that it keeps the airflow of the stove away from the kitchen.

For example, a house with a family of 10 people without a chimney will not have a healthy environment in their kitchen so a chimney to throw out the cooking smoke away from the food is a necessity for them.

The Best Elica Chimneys from Apnidukaan offers different models and functionalities which will help you understand what type of chimney suits your kitchen.

So if you’re thinking about buying a chimney for your kitchen, then we at apnidukaan provide the best elica chimney with proper analysis of the product and help you in understanding how the product and its functions work.

So to make it easier for you to choose, we sorted the 5 best elica chimneys from apnidukaan for your kitchen that will help you to keep the food and your kitchen a healthy place.

1.  Elica Chimney ESCG Touch

Elica Chimney ESCG Touch has a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr which can allow you to do heavy frying or grilling in the kitchen as it covers up to 200sqft of the area.

With the size of 60cm, Elica Chimney ESCG Touch can cover more than 3 burner stoves which makes it easier to cook more food in the kitchen.

It has a touch panel control with a curved shape glass and it is a wall mounting chimney.

Best Elica Chimneys from apnidukaan with a touch control panel which makes it easier for the user to operate the chimney
Elica Chimney with a touch panel control

2.  Elica Chimney Meteorite EDS HE LTW 60 Nero T4V LED

No one will like a chimney full of noise that disturbs the whole mood of cooking. So, Apnidukaan presents you the Elica Chimney Meteorite that has the EDS3 technology which reduces up to 30% of noise.

It also has a touch panel control to work through its functions and a 3D 360-degree filter that covers a wide area of the kitchen.

Elica Chimney Meteorite consists of a tornadic suction that has a powerful capacity of 1010 m3/hr with equivalence to 1100-1200 m3/hr.

It has a unique T-shaped design and two led lamps which creates an easeful mood for you while cooking.

Elica Chimney Meteorite with 360 Degree Filter


3.  Elica Deep Silent Chimney Glace EDS HE LTW 60 BK SS T4V LED With EDS3 Technology

To make any dish tasty with a delicious smell, the cooking needs proper concentration and as you can read, the name of the chimney gives the idea away for what purpose it is used for.

Elica Deep Silent Chimney provides a deep silence mechanism that helps you to keep your focus on the cooking.

It also consists of a tornadic suction that provides a powerful yet noiseless airflow of 1010 m3/hr and also saves energy while doing so.

Elica Chimney with a Deep Silence Mechanism

4.  Elica Deep Silent Chimney Glace EDS HE LTW 60 Nero T4V LED P

Elica Deep Silent Chimney also uses the EDS3 technology and the deep silence mechanism makes the chimney soundproof which results in peaceful cooking.

It consists of a baffle filter which makes it easier for the chimney to clean out the particles that it throws away from the stove.

Like the above-mentioned chimneys, this one also consists of tornadic suction that ensures a powerful airflow capacity of 1010 m3/hr.

Elica Chimney with a Tornadic Suction


Elica Auto Clean Chimney is one the best examples of how technology has upgraded in an extraordinary way as it consists motion sensor which starts the operation just by the wave of your hand.

It also offers a heat auto-cleaning technology that cleans out the sticky oil particles that get stuck in the chimney due to the airflow and then stores the collected oil particles in the oil collector.

The suction capacity for Elica Auto Clean Chimney is higher in comparison to other Elica Chimneys which is 1100 m3/hr which also covers an area of more than 200sqft.

It is easy to install as it’s a wall-mounted chimney with a size of 60cm which can handle more than 2-4 burners.

Elica Chimney with a Heat Auto Cleaning Technology


A Note -

When buying a chimney from Apnidukaan, your doubts will be cleared and each product analysis will be explained to you.

Conclusion -

The Festival of Diwali is almost upon us and with it, the Apnidukaan festival offers will start soon. So, thinking about buying an exotic elica chimney for your exotic kitchen? Well then visit our website at apnidukaan.com.