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  • Width :  78 cm
  • Burners : 3 Brass Burner with Black Enamel Coating
  • PAN : Support Cast Iron
  • Finish: Toughenend Black Glass (8 mm)
  • Burner: Type "1 x 4 Kw Triple Ring Dual Flame Burner + 1 x 3 Kw
  • Mini Triple Ring + 1 x 1.7 Kw Double Ring "
  • Ignition: In-Built Auto Ignition with AC 230V Power
  • Knob: Premium Metal
  • Flame: Failure Device Available
  • Power: 230 V
  • Product: Dimensions(L*W*H) 780 x 525 x 145mm
  • Granite Cut: (W*D) 705 x 475 mm

Faber utopia series hob cooktop provides you great cooking experience. The utopia series hob cooktop hybrids especially designed for Indian kitchens.

The varieties of burners help in cooking varieties of dishes at one particular time and save time. UTOPIA HT 783 BR CI comes with 3 Brass Burner with 1 x 4 KW Triple Ring Dual-Flame + 1 x 3 KW Mini Triple Ring & 1 x 1.7 Dual-Ring burners.

Improve the distribution of the flame for more uniform cooking of food. to suit different type of cooking types to support different size and shape of the cooking vessel.

FFD is used in gas hobs to prevent accidental gas leakage. In case if while cooking the flame goes off then safety device / FFD immediately cuts off the gas supply to the burner. 

The Auto Ignition system increases reliability and reduces maintenance requirements. No wasting time looking for a lost matchbox or a lighter. Autoignition ignites the burner faster as opposed to a matchstick or a lighter.

Improve the distribution of the flame for more uniform cooking of food. 4 KW Triple Ring Burner for heavy usage. The unique Triple Ring Dual-Flame + Mini Triple Burner and Dual Ring Burners with Black Enamel Coating spreads the flame evenly so that your food gets cooked uniformly from all sides.

They are made of cast iron and easy to remove so that it can be cleaned easier.which would help the utensils to get support and allow the dish to cook in a proper manner. 

This Hob Cooktop by Faber is fitted with High quality operating knobs. This feature gives the user ease of connecting his or her gas appliance.

This Hob Cooktop comes with Toughened Black Glass, The glass finish is not only durable and long-lasting but also beautifies the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

More Information
Brand Faber
Material Type HOBTOP
Capacity 3 Burner
% of 100
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