Havells UTC Water Purifier

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Quick Overview
  • Flow rate : Up to 15 litres per hour
  • Tank capacity (L) : 8 litre /10 litre
  • Purification technology : RO & UV Technology
  • Purifying stages : 8 STAGES (RO+UV)
  • Power rating (maximum) : 52 W
  • Input voltage range : 230 V, 50 Hz

Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV Purification

Havells offer 100% RO & UV with 8 stage purification - 1- Membrane performance enhancer,2- Sediment cartridge, 3- Activated carbon cartridge, 4- Reverse osmosis membrane, 5- Mineralz cartridge,6- Silver impregnated taste enhancer,7-Revitalizer,8-Germicidal UV.

Double UV Purification

Double UV technology disinfects by repurifying stored water through UV every time you turn the tap on. It safeguards stored water from secondary contaminations & keeps water fresh round the clock


It restructures the water molecules and makes them biologically active to improve the hydration and mineral absorption.

Membrane performance Enhancer

It helps in improving the performance and enhances life of the RO membrane by preventing membranes from scaling


Mineralz cartridge will have maximum representation of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium & Trace elements like Iron, copper, iodine, zinc, manganese etc.& many more.

Germicidal wave length

Disinfects microorganisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa; disinfects the water for safe drinking.

Futuristic Design

Offers ease in product installation & service.Closed cartridges design offers extra protection against recontaminations during the service

i-Protect purification monitoring – safe water or no water!

In case of UV failure the indicator blinks. Product stops purifying and filling water to ensure that every drop of purified water is disinfected & safe for drinking at all times.

Floor & wall mounting

Floor & wall mounting option for installation & easy service

Pressure tank with Ingress protection

Stops external invasion of particles

Smart alerts

Process alerts: Self-diagnostic,Purification & tank full. Error alerts: UV,SV, Low input water pressure or pump failure

Rotating faucet

Chrome finished faucet that rotates 360°

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